I'm the co-founder and COO of 12traits, the first psychologically-based player experience platform for game companies across the globe. Previously, I founded deep-tech company builder WATTx after having started my career with the Boston Consulting Group.


As economist and writer by training, and former pro hockey player (at heart to this day), I deeply care about people and the power of the human connection. I believe in entrepreneurship's ability to change the lives of many for the better. My mission is simple: to build and to help others do the same.

12traits is powering the future of player centricity across the global gaming industry. By understanding the human being behind the gamer, we enable game companies to dynamically tailor their game experiences and thereby deeply resonate with their audience.

Marketers, content creators, designers, game developers, and CEOs alike leverage our insights to increase quality of install, to optimize their games for LTV (instead of burning out gamers), and to shape their portfolio strategy.


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